I have never listened to or watched Colin Cowherd. And for no other reason than I have no real interest in national sports talk.

I would assume many other guys and gals in my age group who grew up and/or live in the tri-state area feel the same way. I want to hear Joe Benigno and Craig Carton and Chris Carlin and Boomer Esiason and Mike Francesa and Gregg Giannotti and Evan Roberts and Christopher “Mad Dog” Russo talk about our teams, not some guys in Los Angeles yakking what’s up with the Cowboys and the Lakers.

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But the great Funhouse does keep tabs on Cowherd. So I am aware he says a lot of stupid things. And he may have finally crossed the line on Monday with this little ditty.

Those are fighting words. Cowherd may need a protective detail whenever he next returns to the metropolitan area. Paul Dottino may already be on a plane out to confront Cowherd in the Fox Sports parking lot.

Mark Bavaro is to Giants fans — especially those of an older age — as Paul O’Neill is to Yankees fans. The model player in terms of commitment, production and toughness; the guy who is just a step or two outside of the Hall of Fame but still epitomizes why his teams won championships more than the greats he played with. The easiest way to generate a cheap pop out of Giants fans when things get tough is to name-drop Bavaro. To call the tight end “forgettable” is wildly ill-informed. Throw that on the Big Blue Disrespect Train.

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