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I have not been able to find this Daniel Vogelbach quote anywhere else. So we cannot confirm it is real. But does it really matter?

If the Mets win the World Series, the big man is going to become an immediate immortal in this town. It won’t matter how much longer he plays here after the ride down the Canyon of Heroes. Vogelbach will be guaranteed to get an ovation in the same ballpark as Keith Hernandez and Mike Piazza every year whenever he starts showing up at Old Timer’s Day. People will keep wearing his shirsey. WFAN will be hit with calls about how the Amazins “need another Vogelbach” with regularity.

Our teams have had plenty of great players over the years. But we also do folk heroes very well. Guys like Wayne Chrebet and Paul O’Neill became so beloved they had their numbers retired. Anytime Giants fans want to feel better they start thinking about Mark Bavaro. Brett Gardner is the latest guy to enter the club. Vogelbach isn’t necessarily on par with those guys as a performer, but he will be remembered with the same type of affinity if he is part of a championship team.

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