Johnny Manziel Plays ‘Pokemon Go’ At Von Miller’s ESPYs Party

Unemployed quarterback Johnny Manziel was caught red-handed playing “Pokemon Go” at Von Miller‘s ESPYs party.

The caption couldn’t be more perfect: “Mans (Manziel) is really playing Pokemon Go. Catching Pigeotto in the club.”

Yup, that is unemployed National Football League quarterback Johnny Manzeil. And yes, he is playing the hit sensation that is Pokemon Go on his own personal handheld device (what looks to be an iPhone).

To top it all off, Manziel is playing the game at the club during Von Miller’s ESPYs party.

The party was located at 1OAK nightclub in L.A. Tuesday night and took place after the ESPYs had finished.

According to Mary Kay Cabot of, Manziel vowed to get “completely sober” starting July 1. Perhaps Pokemon is part of the healing process.

Hey, it can’t hurt. Or, can it?

H/T YouTube, BroBible

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