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The latest sign of the apocalypse, via The Record:

For riders who weather the irritation of routine delays and cancellations, it may come as a striking irony that NJ Transit has received the “most outstanding public transportation agency” award for its achievements from 2020 through 2022.


The award is based on both quantitative metrics and 12 categories of qualitative categories, including safety, operations, maintenance, access, diversity, customer service, financial management, sustainability, workforce development, attendance and employee costs, marketing and community relations.

Asked why the judges, who are peers from other agencies, thought NJ Transit rose to the top of a group of 19, [American Public Transportation Association] spokeswoman Amy Thompson said they don’t disclose that information, except to say the agency showed “specific improvements in the last three years in the 12 categories.”

This is like when Bill Murray won that humanitarian award in “Scrooged.” What a joke. And you know there are a bunch of people in Trenton who spent the whole weekend making jokes about Donald Trump’s club title at Bedminster and are now wondering if they can have a parade for this championship. Or at least a big party with taxpayer money.

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Look, has NJ Transit improved? Sure. But the bar was on the ground. It still is a mediocre-at-best operation. And certainly not one that deserves a national award, no matter how nebulous it may be. Back after this.

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