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New York Magazine did a question-and-answer feature with former mayor and Red Sox fan Bill deBlasio. The infamous 2014 fatal groundhog-dropping incident came up.

Blame the dopes at the Staten Island Zoo that handed the poor animal to him, deBlasio says. From the feature:

On a lighter but more tragic note, do you have any regrets about dropping the groundhog in 2014?

Yeah. 100 percent. I’m like, “Don’t make me hold a f–king groundhog.” I mean, what the hell? Let me tell you exactly what happened.


I go there and it’s seven in the morning, which means my motor skills are not at their best. I put on these gloves, and they’re like, “Here’s a groundhog,” I’m like, “What the f-ck?” I’m like, “Don’t you have a little more coaching to go with this or whatever?” It was idiocy. Why would you want an elected official to hold a groundhog? I don’t know anything about holding groundhogs. So the whole thing is just insane. There’s an original sin here. Don’t hand someone a groundhog, right?

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This is something George Costanza would say. Maybe just hold the groundhog like a baby or a small dog? A groundhog weights under 10 pounds according to the internet.  An adult elected official should be able to figure it out.

It remains hilarious this guy thought he could become president.

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