It doesn’t get on the air, OK.

“If I’m (Jets owner) Woody Johnson,” WFAN morning show host Gregg Giannotti tweeted Sunday, “I walk down to the sideline with a poncho and take Zach Wilson’s helmet and take a sh-t in it.”

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Mike Francesa and Christopher “Mad Dog” Russo never did scatological humor. But they also did not have to watch something as heinous as Wilson quarterbacking the Jets’ offense. And hey, you know what? If Johnson were to actually do this, he would be a hero to the fanbase. Although the NFL fine and suspension would likely be pretty stiff.

(The Jets trail the Patriots, 13-3, at rain soaked MetLife Stadium in the fourth quarter as of publishing.)

Anyway, the big guy weighed in on Wilson and the Jets earlier in the day:

Preach, Mike Francesa, preach.

“Jets are once again embarrassing themselves on offense. What else is new,” the big guy tweeted Sunday after Gang Green’s latest disastrous drive against the Patriots (New England leads 10-0 in the second quarter).

Zach Wilson and the Jets’ offense have been as incompetent as expected at rainy MetLife Stadium. And there is no reason to expect things will change. We have established that Wilson has no business starting for an NFL team. Which means we could be in for an epic Francesa rant on his postgame BetRivers podcast — now with the magic of video to accompany the audio!

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