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Sunday marks Week 8 of the NFL season, but it’s also a day for multitasking. With Halloween coming on Monday, some Jets fans are getting in the spirit ahead of Gang Green’s AFC East showdown vs. the Patriots at MetLife Stadium.

Remember when head coach Robert Saleh said he’s “taking receipts” on all the Jets’ doubters after a horrific Week 1 loss? He showed some regret for making that statement to the media earlier this week. It’s something that’ll follow him for the rest of his tenure with the Jets. For right now, though, it’s become a rallying cry.

And we’re not just talking about the guys in the locker room. The fans are also getting on board. One fan is so on board that it’s their Halloween costume:

I was initially very impressed because this legit looks like an enlarged receipt. For a second, I thought this fan might’ve had it custom-made for the occasion. Alas, the internet is always undefeated. I did one quick Google search and you can get it on Amazon.

I don’t know if I’d drop $60 for something like this. But heck, it’s been a long time since the Jets have been this good, especially ahead of a showdown with the New England Patriots. If there’s every a time to go all out for a Jets-inspired Halloween costume, this is it.

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