Evaluating the Evaluators

If Christopher Wold Johnson becomes the new monarch of the Jets, he will be able to use 2017 as a benchmark year for Bowles and Maccagnan. It could be the first time the tandem will start one of their drafted players at quarterback from day one. If that is the case, Johnson could actually determine whether the team is progressing under the tutelage of the Bowles regime.

Th Decker and Marshall acquisitions are the two signature moves of Maccagnan. In their first year, he was made to look like a genius, with both wide outs topping 1,000 yards for the season. In year two, it was the opposite, as Decker went on injured reserve and Marshall looked like a shell of his former self.

Maccagnan is standing at a crossroads in 2017, with the decision to stay the course, or to tear it all down and start from scratch. No one can compete with Father Time, and the Jets have never been a franchise that takes advantage of the youth they possess.

The screams calling for Bowles have grown louder, especially with Dan Quinn, a coach who was under consideration prior to the Jets hiring Bowles, now in the Super Bowl. Those voices will continue to grow if the Jets cannot show progress, or at least a plan during the 2017 season. This conversation seems to pop up every four or five years, as the patience of Jets fans, who long for a title, remain patient no more.

All stats referenced were obtained through sports-reference.com, unless otherwise specified.

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