Got you Covered

Revis is arguably one of the top five Jets of all time. Revis Island, for over a decade, became the place where a team’s best receiver went to take the week off. If you look at his stats, interceptions mainly, there isn’t anything staggering. But if you sat down and watched the tape during those prime years, you saw a shutdown corner who was the best among his peers.

He possessed the covering ability of Deion Sanders and the physicality of Rod Woodson. If Mike Tannenbaum has a crowning achievement, it was drafting the All-Pro cornerback. If Rex Ryan could build a defense from scratch, Revis would be his first choice. He was that good.

It will be bittersweet for the Jets when Revis decides to either leave, move to safety or retire. The player who was one of the best to suit up in the ‘Green and White’, won his lone Super Bowl with their hated rival, the Pats. As if being a Jets fan wasn’t tough enough?

His replacement could come as early as this year. There are a few cornerback prospects that are head and shoulders above the rest. Florida’s Quincy Wilson, Alabama’s Marlon Humphrey and Washington’s Sidney Jones, all fit the bill for what a Bowles defense needs to be successful. With the No. 6 pick, at least two of that trio are likely to be there for the Jets.

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