Kirk Cousins
(Photo by Patrick McDermott/Getty Images)

It seems like Kirk Cousins revealed his top two targets, while former New York Jets star Muhammad Wilkerson continues his free agency tour. 

Black and white is an easier decision than gray. It seems like the soon-to-be highest-paid quarterback in football, Kirk Cousins, has made his intentions known. The New York Jets and the Minnesota Vikings are his top-two teams.

While that news isn’t all that surprising, we revealed that last week (via our friends from The Stick to Football Podcast), it’s how we know.

Cousins wrote a heartfelt thank you letter to the Washington Redskins for their belief, love, and all that jazz. Few noticed that at the bottom of the article, several tags were also there including the Jets and Vikings. Could this be a smokescreen or perhaps his web guy just trying to get more clicks?

It seems to be the latter, sadly.

Regardless, things are starting to heat up on that front with Cousins set to make limited visits during his free agency tour.

Speaking of tours, former Jets castoff Muhammad Wilkerson appears to be enjoying the wining and dining experience.

Wilkerson has also met with the Green Bay Packers, the Kansas City Chiefs, and the New Orleans Saints. There are several of his former coaches in a variety of locations that could indicate scheme fits and possible career rejuvenation.

A dark horse team to keep an eye on is the Oakland Raiders. Before Wilkerson signed his massive extension with the Jets, he was involved in a potential deal with the Raiders that fell through. Despite the regime changes, I believe there’s mutual interest.

Another former Jets star who is planning to make some visits is Sheldon Richardson. Although if he had it his way, he would stay right where he is with the Seattle Seahawks.

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