Geno Smith expressed his frustrations with the recent Ryan Fitzpatrick, New York Jets contract.

He did not want to make it a “headline,” yet he made one in a heartbeat. Responding to questions regarding Ryan Fitzpatrick’s newly signed one-year, $12 million contract, Geno Smith said that he is “kind of pissed off.”

What the deal means, of course, is that Smith will be spending another year on the sidelines watching a more polished and fundamentally-sound quarterback run the offense. Unfortunately, he does not seem to see that.

The 25-year-old West Virginia product would not have earned the job, it would have fell in his lap due to the two sides failing to come to terms. His 11-18 record as a starter coupled with his 35 interceptions in 31 overall games simply does not cut it.

Perhaps he should come up with better word choice rather than fueling a fire which did not yet exist. The Jets did what they were obligated to do in order to replicate a 10-6 season, and the nonsensical fourth-year QB should know better.

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