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What a video.

In case you have been living in a cave: Yankees radio play-by-play voice John Sterling took a foul ball to the head on Saturday night. He quickly shook it off, even though some blood was drawn, and kept calling the game against the Red Sox. And Sunday’s game, too. Because he’s a warrior.

And now, thanks to WFAN, we have video of the incident. It turns out Sterling misjudged how far the ball was going to come (insert your snarky joke here) and it bounced off the press box table top before careening into his noggin.

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Sterling’s immediate reaction definitely had a “I’ve fallen and I can’t get up” vibe. But then he turned into an 84-year-old Terminator who no-sells like Hulk Hogan and loves Broadway show tunes. He definitely would have caught it had his eyes been up. It’s too bad they didn’t dig up the late Don Zimmer’s Army helmet for laughs.

“To all the Yankee fans: I am fine,” Sterling said in a video released by the team. “It hit me in the head. A lot of muscle up there, so I was OK. And I thank you for all the warm, wonderful, loving thoughts.”

Anyway, while we are all here: Sterling is a civic treasure. Who cares that he occasionally gets things wrong. He’s calling a baseball game on the radio. Not deploying attack battalions in the Donbas. WFAN brass has said they want him to call Bombers games for as long as he wants to. We hope that is for a good while. And that there is a trip to Cooperstown somewhere along the way. The man belongs in the Hall of Fame.

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