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The NFL’s Global Markets Program allows teams to bid for marketing rights in specific countries. You may have heard of this initiative last year when the Eagles were awarded the ability to spread their gospel in Ghana.

Anyway, the program announced its expansion Tuesday. And for whatever it’s worth, the Giants remain on the sidelines. Which makes sense to us; the brand is not exactly one that needs to be sold. Although it would be amazing content to send Eli Manning to Japan with a camera crew.

The Jets had previously picked up United Kingdom marketing rights — owner Woody Johnson used to be the U.S. Ambassador to the UK, remember — so nothing has changed there.

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The big news is the Saints moving into France and the Falcons adding Germany to their portfolio, joining the Buccaneers and Panthers. The Bucs are also in Austria and Switzerland. Does this year’s NFC South champion get Belgium or the Netherlands next offseason? Stay tuned!

Two final thoughts: To reference our post earlier in the day, the NFL will always find a way to make a buck. Getting teams to pay for the right to promote the sport in a foreign country is how you become the most powerful institution in America. And two,   how did no one finagle the Ukraine rights? Imagine the earned media value of getting your team’s cap on Zelensky’s head when he is photographed in the bunker.

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