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As we sit here on Tuesday, May 23rd, Mets manager Buck Showalter is celebrating his 67th birthday. He’ll be doing so in Chicago as New York prepares to face the Cubs at Wrigley Field. And with Kodai Senga taking the hill for the series opener, Showalter will be wearing special shoes that he only puts on when the right-hander is toeing the slab.

We didn’t know that was the case until Brittany Ghiroli of The Athletic said so in an article that took an in-depth look at the veteran skipper’s fashion style. It’s apparently very intricate and he cares a lot about how he looks. Ghiroli even said Showalter and fellow fashion aficionado, Francisco Lindor, spent a whole flight talking about custom dress shirts.

There’s a lot to digest when it comes to Showalter’s fashion preferences, specifically when it comes to his on-field attire. But what I loved most about this entire article was that the manager tries making big gestures for the entire club. When they left for the Windy City on Sunday night, there were three different kinds of sweatsuits for players to choose from to travel in, which included black, blue, and orange. According to Ghiroli, the reviews on the sweatsuits were mixed from the players.

Another idea Showalter had that ultimately didn’t work out was to get “Coming to America” Mets-themed jackets custom-made for everyone on the squad. Apparently, there were in-seam issues that prevented it from happening.

But honestly, can you imagine the whole squad rolling up for a road trip with these jackets on?

Yea, that would’ve been an all-timer for sure. Buck Showalter has been the Mets’ manager since the start of 2022. So, we know him well enough by now to realize he probably hasn’t let go of this dream. Maybe he’ll try and figure it out if New York returns to the postseason and achieves October glory.

Even if it’s truly not in the cards, you’d have to imagine he’s got something else up his sleeve. Just in case. As if the Mets needed any more motivation to stay hot after what’s happened throughout the past few days.

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