New York sports talk radio’s newest feud could be … Tiki Barber and Joe Benigno?

Benigno’s weekly day-after Jets call-in got a bit chippy Monday. The semi-retired WFAN legend took a few shots at Barber, one of the station’s current afternoon drive hosts, during a rant about Zach Wilson and the Jets. And Barber took umbrage, turning off his microphone, calling Benigno’s assertions “bullsh-t” and then appearing to storm out of the studio.

Benigno accused Barber of hating the Jets (because he is a Giants great) and then dismissed any analysis he has about Wilson because Barber was calling the Commanders-Bills game for CBS on Sunday rather than watching the Jets’ 15-10 loss to the Patriots. That appears to be what set Barber off.

“That’s bullsh-t, Joe,” Barber says un-miced as co-host Evan Roberts, Benigno’s former partner, tries to get things back on the rails.

Hey, maybe WFAN figures it should practice some intra-station beefing now that ESPN Radio New York is likely to stop competing in the Nielsen ratings battle?

Other thoughts from Benigno:

“I’m like numb at this point. We’re three games into the season and the season’s over. They got no shot against the Chiefs … they’re going to be 1-5 by the time they play [the Giants] on Oct. 29. They’ll probably even lose to the Broncos.

“They cannot continue with this guy at quarterback. They cannot. You’ve got to bring somebody in here, I don’t care who the hell it is. Not that I love anybody out there — Matt Ryan, Carson Wentz … you’ve got to bring somebody in. Because you can’t win with this kid.”

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James Kratch is the managing editor of ESNY. He previously worked as a Rutgers and Giants (and Mike Francesa) beat reporter for NJ Advance Media.