Zach Wilson
Vincent Carchietta-USA TODAY Sports

The Jets lost for a second straight week with Zach Wilson as the young quarterback continues to be a deer in the headlights. The team is only 1-2 but even with talent on either side of the ball, things look incredibly bleak because of the quarterback position. So much so that Joe Benigno already seems to be throwing in the towel.

“I’m like numb at this point. We’re three games into the season and the season’s over,” the WFAN legend said on his weekly “Evan and Tiki” spot on Monday. “They got no shot against the Chiefs [next week]…they’re going to be 1-5 by the time they play [the Giants] on Oct. 29. They’ll probably even lose to the Broncos.

“They cannot continue with this guy at quarterback. They cannot. You’ve got to bring somebody in here, I don’t care who the hell it is. Not that I love anybody out there — Matt Ryan, Carson Wentz…you’ve got to bring somebody in. Because you can’t win with this kid.”

Who’s to say he’s wrong? If the Jets keep trotting Wilson onto the field, much of the same will ensue. He’s not the guy and this regime is terrified to admit it got this massive decision wrong. The schedule is brutal, with the Chiefs, Eagles, Chargers, Bills, Dolphins (twice), and Patriots still to be faced. But at this point, it doesn’t even matter who the Jets play. As long as this kid is on the field, the Jets won’t win games and will continue to waste what was supposed to be a dream season.

Forget the fact that it’s the Chiefs coming to town next week. It could be the Chicago Bears for all we care. No matter who the opponent is, the Jets need to bring in some sort of veteran whether it be a free agent or via the trade market. It doesn’t matter if it’s somehow convincing Ryan (who isn’t interested in the opportunity) or bringing in Wentz for a workout. Are those the best options? Of course not. But any option is better than what the Jets currently have in their locker room. This is why Robert Saleh telling the media that Wilson is their “unquestioned quarterback” is likely the most bizarre quote the head coach has made during his tenure.

Keep in mind: there were multiple guys who are primarily reserve quarterbacks in this league who played for their teams in Week 3. This includes the Colts’ Gardner Minshew, the Cardinals’ Josh Dobbs, the Saints’ Jameis Winston, and the Panthers’ Andy Dalton.

Wilson is not a better option than any of these guys. That’s a major issue, and not acquiring a veteran backup in the offseason should be a major regret of general manager Joe Douglas.

Ryan Honey is a staff writer and host of the Wide Right Podcast.