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Poor Kadarius Toney. The guy cannot catch a break.

First Yung Joka’s social media accounts get hacked to deploy highly-sophisticated deepfake technology that looks and sounds like him. Then he got hurt five minutes into training camp. And now someone is messing with his hands during the Chiefs’ Thursday Night Football opener against the Lions!

It’s too bad so much nonsense keeps happening to the former Giants wide receiver and current Chiefs Super Bowl hero. If you missed his past trials:

Hopefully the FBI is looking into this. And maybe the CIA and Department of Defense, too. Because it looks like a malevolent force or enemy nation just took breakaway artificial intelligence out for an initial stroll by hacking Kadarius Toney so thoroughly, they even produced voice memos that speak and sound like him, along with that wildly realistic video of his face in the closet.

The former Giants wide receiver, current Chiefs Super Bowl hero and part-time rapper released this clarification after a wave of profane social media posts toward Giants fans (who, to be fair, should find something better to do than tweet at Toney). And the recent kerfuffles followed Toney’s vow to flip the middle finger to everyone in New York (and presumably New Jersey, where the Giants actually work) while shopping at a boutique jewelry store.

The live odds on whether Toney will pull his hamstring by the end of the night are currently suspended.

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