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There has never been much of a rivalry between the Giants and Jets over the years. However, based on what’s happened the past few weeks, things are starting to heat up ahead of their Week 8 showdown at MetLife Stadium. Dunkin’ Donuts partners with both Big Blue and Gang Green, but even they’re planting their flag in this debate.

I mean, just look at the donut bin at this random tri-state area Dunkin’. Clearly, they care more about the Jets than the Giants.

Guys… we have the bigger donut bin at dunkin. The city is ours !
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Obviously, I’m kidding. But this does tell us something that’ll probably get Giants fans a little miffed.

Dunkin’ Donuts doesn’t have an official company-wide opinion on who they’re rooting for more this NFL season. I’m reaching a little bit, but I doubt they care. However, there are about twice as many Jets donuts as Giants donuts, and they’re in a bigger bin. That shows us they’re the more popular item.

Jets fans have been jacked up for this season since the trade for quarterback Aaron Rodgers finally became official. After making a surprise postseason appearance last year for the first time since 2016, Giants fans have plenty to be excited about ahead of Week 1, too.

But, facts are facts. We all know donut consumption is directly tied to a fanbase’s overall outlook of their team heading into a new year. Jets fans are clearly more excited than Giants fans are. For those who back Big Blue, the assignment is obvious — go out and start buying donuts so Dunkin’ has to equal (or exceed) its production of Jets donuts.

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