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This backyard pro wrestling video is the height of American exceptionalism

Everyone loves to trash Twitter/X these days — because it is cool to performatively hate Elon Musk — but how can you not love a platform that brings the above joy to your life?

What a glorious six minutes and 11 seconds.

The random appearance by the Australian flag. The capacity crowd. Donny Rotten’s entrance, which is on par with Triple H at WrestleMania. The referee wearing Tommy Bahama shorts. The camera guy with the “Hakuna Matata” t-shirt. The Attitude Era sexual innuendo. The smack talk. A tremendous Boston accent on commentary. Some five-star ring work. And then a shoot!

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We never got the name of Rotten’s opponent. But we understand why he is so angry. You cannot pull hair, OK. And you need to take care of your dance partner between the ropes. That means slapping the figure-four leg lock on properly. Rotten deserved that boot to the face, OK. This is not amateur hour. This is play wrestling!

Also: The referee was out to lunch. He let Rotten’s valet interfere without consequence. And then he ignored the fact Rotten’s back was flat as a pancake for a three-count after he locked the figure-four in. Come on, guy. Talk about adding insult to injury. Poor cargo pants guy.

F–k, a rest hold.

Kills me every time!

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