This was nestled inside The Post’s story on the Yankees calling up Everson Pereira and Oswald Peraza:

[H]owever the Yankees finish up what’s been a dreadful season, sources also indicated that a close look at the entire organization will be conducted after the season, with jobs potentially in peril.


Included in those conversations are expected to be Brian Sabean and Omar Minaya, two former longtime general managers who joined the Yankees last offseason, hired by general manager Brian Cashman.

Both Sabean and Minaya are known for their roots in scouting, as the Yankees have been criticized for an over-reliance on analytics in recent years.

How we read it: Minaya and Sabean are expected to have a big role in trying to turn this flaming dumpster fire around. Which makes sense. Cashman hired them himself less than a year ago. And they are grizzled baseball men with a proven ability to identify and develop the type of talent that allows you to contend for championships while keeping the payroll in owner Hal Steinbrenner’s comfort zone.

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That said, WFAN midday hosts Sal Licata and Brandon Tierney read it completely differently. And they are outraged. From the station’s website:

“To me, this is utterly ridiculous if this actually happens and nothing else happens,” [Tierney] said. “Let me get this straight. The Yankees, based on the report, are contemplating moving on from two gentlemen who got here nine months ago, and have literally had no impact on the failures of this season, but keep others…when they are directly responsible for this implosion.

“This is why the Yankees are a mess.”


“Those are the guys you’re gonna create change by firing? That’s not gonna do anything,” Sal said. “They’re not the problem, you knuckleheads.”

In fairness to the ‘FAN guys: It is not the clearest reporting. But it seems pretty straightforward based on context. We are going to roll with our own reading comprehension here. Minaya and Sabean should be part of the attempted solution. It makes no sense for them not to be.

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James Kratch is the managing editor of ESNY. He previously worked as a Rutgers and Giants (and Mike Francesa) beat reporter for NJ Advance Media.