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You can insert any sad/negative adjective you want about the Yankees right now and it’d be true. That’s what happens when you go on your first nine-game losing streak since 1982. WFAN radio announcer, Suzyn Waldman, added her own thoughts on a hot mic during New York’s loss to the Washington Nationals on Tuesday night:

“God, this is boring.”

Don’t just take our word for it and what you see in the above post. Awful Announcing was the first to report this, with the audio to back it up. Swipe to the second piece of media on the below Instagram post to hear it:


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Here’s a bit of what AA’s Brandon Contes said about the moment:

Ironically, Waldman’s hot mic moment came during a commercial advertising the ability to listen to every Yankees radio broadcast on the Audacy app. Clearly, Waldman didn’t expect her “God, this is boring” line to make it over the airwaves. But one of the great things about Waldman is that no one would be surprised to hear her call out the lifeless Yankees. Waldman and her radio partner John Sterling are willing to criticize the team, despite living in a world where their MLB broadcasting peer Kevin Brown was sidelined by the Baltimore Orioles for an innocuous comment.

No lies were detected here. Every Yankees fan could agree with what Waldman said, and that’s especially the case after Tuesday night in the Bronx. The Yankees lost to Washington by a score of 2-1. They mustered just two hits in the process, both of which were from catcher Ben Rortvedt, who was hitting ninth in manager Aaron Boone’s lineup. There were many social media posts accurately describing how lifeless the Yankees’ offense was during this contest. However, this one takes the cake for me:

I hope all those people getting engaged were Nationals fans. Honestly, why would they want to have such a milestone moment happen during what’s likely the worst stretch of Yankees baseball in their lifetime? I wouldn’t want to bring a proposal (of any kind) near the Stadium right now, but that’s just me.

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