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It’s been 37 years since Sly Stallone single-handedly ended Cold War

The original “Rocky” is obviously the best film from an artistic and cultural importance standpoint. No one can argue that if they are objective. But there is no question “Rocky IV” is the most entertaining installment in the series. By a mile. The steroids alone get the job done.

What I’m trying to say is … if I can change … and you can change … everybody can change!

One of the (many) issues boxing has: The modern sport can not only never come close to reaching the heights of its halcyon days, but it also pales in comparison to the fictional sport. “Rocky IV” is the epitome of that struggle. The story is too good and preposterous to be true, which somehow makes it feel real.

My quick soundtrack power rankings:

1-Training Montage
2-Living in America
3-No Easy Way Out
4-Hearts on Fire
5-Burning Heart
7-The Sweetest Victory
8-One Way Street
9-Double or Nothing

The call at the top is really tough. Especially when you consider “Living in America” was written specifically for James Brown to perform it in the movie. It’s a coin flip at Nos. 3-5. The sixth spot is clear. And the rest aren’t worth playing. We don’t rank “Eye of the Tiger” because that belongs to “Rocky III.”

And yes, “Rocky IV” is a Christmas movie. The fight happened on Dec. 25. There is no debate.

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