Aaron Rodgers
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The Post has the Aaron Rodgers deal covered from all angles. Including an astrologer who has some thought-provoking takes on the new Jets quarterback.

[Rodgers is] a swashbuckling, good time loving, boundary pushing Sagittarius sun with a shadow dwelling, secrets as fuel Scorpio moon and a self-care at all costs Taurus rising.


Considering the archetype of Sagittarius as the seeker and Scorpio as the phoenix we can begin to understand Rodgers’s enduring fascination with shadow work, conspiracy theories and inner transformation.

This sun/moon combo is driven by investigation and expansion, craving depth and growth in equal measure. I’ll bet he never blinks during sex or spoken word poetry readings. Bless up baby, and blessed be your transformational, isolationist four day darkness retreats.

Good to know! In fairness to the paper, all the hocus-pocus stuff is far more relevant to Rodgers than with any other NFL player. Mr. Darkness is a documented fan of this stuff. And other eccentric pursuits. But as long as he plays like the Hall of Famer he is, who cares?

Some more great astrological analysis:

Thanks to the benefic, albeit fickle gods of the internet, we are pretty sure that Rodgers was born at 2:50 PM, and we can see that his Mars, planet of sex, aggression, action and athletics falls in his sixth house. The house position of Mars within the birth chart reveals what arena, pun intended, the gladiatorial energy of Mars will manifest itself. In astrology, the sixth house alludes to work, well being, daily habits and public service; an unbelievably apropos placement for an outspoken athlete.

Rodgers’s Mars in Libra forms a sextile with his Sag sun, a real indicator of vigor, vitality, piss and vinegar. This aspect suggests our man is happiest when on the move, making strides and pouring sweat. This sextile also serves to explain Rodgers’s vociferous personality as it bears the mark of someone willing to do battle of the cerebral, physical and spiritual variety.

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