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It is debatable whether Jeff Bezos was ever in the running to buy the Commanders from the disgraced Daniel Snyder. But the Amazon billionaire is now unquestionably out of the mix, according to multiple reports.

Bezos’ exit from a competition he may or may not have ever been engaged in appears to clear the road for a group helmed by Devils and Sixers owner Josh Harris to buy the Commanders. And it begs the question: Is it possible Bezos just is not all that interested in owning an NFL team?

Sure, he could be waiting for the Seahawks to hit the market. But from a business standpoint, the Commanders seem like a much better investment. Bigger media market, bigger brand and — most importantly — a sparking new stadium down the road. The new Commanders ownership group will likely have little issue getting a new building that hosts concerts and Final Fours and Super Bowls and WrestleManias and World Cups. The Seahawks are never going to have that type of money-printing venue.

It would make sense to wait for the Jets. But Woody Johnson has been adamant he is not selling. And what else could be on the table from there? We would argue Bezos is the perfect owner if the NFL ever goes to London. No one would be a better fit to lead a revolutionary project and his deep pockets would be invaluable to make the logistics work. But there is no sign that will happen anytime soon.

Which brings us back to where this started: The guy just really is not chomping at the bit to own a team.

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