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The Jets signed Tim Boyle on Thursday.

The move has sparked far more discussion than a transaction involving a journeyman 28-year-old backup quarterback in early April should. The reaction has fallen into one of two camps:

1. Boyle was Aaron Rodgers’ backup with the Packers, so this must be a sign the deal is close!

2. Is this a sign the Rodgers deal is in danger and Boyle might be the backup plan?

What are we doing here?

The former makes little sense. The latter makes even less.

The Rodgers waiting game is wearing on everyone, but let us not lose our minds. This is pretty straightforward: Boyle is a serviceable backup who has reason to come here — he is a Connecticut native — and makes sense for the Jets. And that is it.

Boyle has ties to offensive coordinator Nathaniel Hackett and knows his system. He will not break the salary cap. He can help coach up Zach Wilson. If disaster strikes and he has to play, he won’t be a Jake Fromm-esque catastrophe. And, if the Jets are honest with themselves, they would likely rather have Boyle than Wilson if there is an emergency with Rodgers (yes, he will be here eventually).

To sum up: Boyle is coming here to hold a clipboard, provide Wilson a little guidance and be ready to play in a pinch — all for a modest salary. Not to be Rodgers’ caddy and not to be the starter if the future Hall of Famer does not come here. So stand down, everyone.

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