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Let’s assume the Jets pull this off and trade for Aaron Rodgers. He will obviously be the most talented quarterback in franchise history, unless you have a compelling (incorrect) argument for Brett Favre or Joe Namath.

But would Rodgers also be the greatest player in New York football history?

We would say no. It has to be Lawrence Taylor, right? The best defensive player ever, a transformational force, two Super Bowl rings, et cetera. But once you get past LT, Rodgers would definitely be in the mix for No. 2. Which means he has the right to contest for the top.

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The other names off the top of our head: Rosey Brown, Frank Gifford, Mel Hein, Ronnie Lott, Eli Manning, Darrelle Revis, Favre. We may be missing one or two. But we would probably take Rodgers. Wild stuff.

One thing is clear: Rodgers may be the weirdest NFL player to ever grace Gotham. Take it away, Mike Francesa:

I think the way he has handled it has been utterly ridiculous. It’s made him look foolish. Say nothing until you’re ready to say something. This whole idea that you’re spending days in the darkness and all this other stuff makes him look like a weirdo. That’s what it does. It makes him look like someone you don’t want to do business with, despite the fact he is an all-time great at the position.

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