Aaron Rodgers
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A lot has to go right for the Jets to acquire Aaron Rodgers. And very little has to go wrong, now, for this pursuit to become a catastrophe.

Derek Carr was never a perfect option, but he was a decent fallback. No longer. He is headed to New Orleans to sign with the Saints and the Jets no longer have a Plan B. It’s Rodgers or bust now. And if they bust? God knows what happens.

Rodgers is going to play in 2023. He’s not going to leave nearly $60 million in guaranteed money on the table. The main question is where he wants to collect the money.

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Rodgers does not have a no-trade clause, but he does not need one. The Packers cannot ship his ego (and his guaranteed money) anywhere if the receiving team is not 100% sure he will report for training camp. If Rodgers wants to play for the Packers, they are likely stuck with him. If he wants to be traded, the Jets should be in a good spot. And the cost likely won’t be too steep, given Green Bay will have little choice.

And all of that is the easy part. Then Rodgers has to come here and produce on the field while conducting himself with a semblance of decorum off it. Which may be far easier said than done.

And if the Jets don’t get Rodgers? Jimmy Garoppolo is likely Plan C. But the Raiders figure to be in the mix there, and motivated. Lamar Jackson and Daniel Jones are unlikely to be attainable. Tom Brady retired. Ryan Tannehill is expected to stay with the Titans.

Matt Ryan, anyone? Baker Mayfield? Geno Smith? Mike White?


Better get it done, guys.

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