Mike and the Mad Dog
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Look, we know they’re going to talk about sports when the most ambitious crossover event in televised sports debate history happens on Feb. 1.

But we need more than sports talk when Mike Francesa and Christopher “Mad Dog” Russo reunite on ESPN First Take along with Stephen A. Smith. We need George Santos talk.

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Francesa and Smith love talking politics. Russo has also dabbled as well. And Santos — the New York congressman who has lied about, well, everything to comical extents — is right in their wheelhouse. He’s from New York. He’s a clown. The stories are absurd. And all three men are at their best when handling the absurd. Bob Iger and Jimmy Pitaro need to sign off on a Santos-only segment.

Anyway, this is going to be amazing. And kind of mind-boggling given Francesa’s past standoffs with the Worldwide Leader.

“It sounds like the big guy will return and we’ll have the three of us in there,” Russo said Thursday on his Sirius XM program, via Barrett Sports Media. “I can tell you this, no other people, the three of us for two hours. Think about that. You talk about me being a fraud, Mike hated ESPN for 100 years!”

But thank goodness he has gotten over that. I do have concern that expectations will be so high for this show that it will end up underwhelming. But that is only a small concern. Francesa and Russo are so good together. It is magical. And Smith makes the moment that much bigger. Twitter is going to melt down. Honestly, bars should host viewing parties. I cannot wait.

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