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Eff them picks has given way to eff this rebuild. So all indications are Sean McVay will step away from the Rams and go do TV work or hang out with his wife or any other number of fun things.

But let’s be clear: If he goes, McVay, 37 in a few weeks, is not done coaching. He is going to return at some point. And the minute he walks away in Los Angeles, he immediately becomes the biggest free agent* coach ever. Forget Grumors. Welcome to the world of McVumors.

* — The Rams own his rights since he is under contract through 2026, so he is not actually a free agent. They will need to let him go and will likely require compensation in return. But you get the point.

The guy has a .612 winning percentage, has won the Super Bowl (and lost another one), is regarded as an offensive genius and has immense charisma and movie-star looks. Not only will every other NFL team will be interested in hiring him, but so too will every big-money booster and big-swinging athletic director in college football. I cannot wait for a world where Jerry Jones and Auburn are both trying to give the guy $30 million a year to coach their team.

You wonder if a McVay resignation might spur Sean Payton to settle for a job that does not check all his boxes this coaching cycle. Because if Payton does not get back in this year, he will likely find himself competing with a younger, hipper, more successful version of himself — and one with much less baggage.

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