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There’s nothing like a good old-fashioned New York City dirty water hot dog.

Not that Gleyber Torres would know, though. The Yankee posted to his Instagram on Sunday that he was walking around the city and had his first taste of the meaty treat.


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Could Torres be trolling? Maybe, but even so. How?

No, seriously. Torres has been a New York regular for over five years at this point. He doesn’t even have the excuse of living in New Jersey and even then, Hiram’s in Fort Lee needs no introduction.

Not only that, Torres is a professional baseball player. He absolutely knows what a hot dog is. Nathan’s Famous is probably even offered as a clubhouse snack. Plus the thousands upon thousands of hot dog carts baked into the character of the city.

Or how about the gazillion Gray’s Papayas you can find around Manhattan? That’s a quality dog you can get either for breakfast early in the morning or for a tasty late night snack. And don’t forget the onions, hot mustard, and large coconut champagne to wash it down!

Jokes aside, we should be congratulating Torres. Forget the trade rumors for a minute. From this point on, it doesn’t matter if he’s with the Yankees for two more years or 20 because with one hot dog, he is now a New Yorker.

Let the speculation begin. Did he get onions? Sauerkraut? Does he prefer ketchup or mustard? Or is a sociopath who eats them naked with just the dry and dusty bun? Did he even order a drink and if so, what was it?

We can discuss this until the cows come home but at the end of a day, it’s just a hot dog. Specifically, a hot dog Torres should have tasted years ago.

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