Derek Jeter Yankees
(Photo by Robert Browman/Getty Images)

Derek Jeter and Jorge Posada are no longer Yankees teammates, but that didn’t stop them from getting their families together to celebrate Thanksgiving.

Aaron Case

Former New York Yankees shortstop Derek Jeter possesses a laundry list of blessings to be thankful for this holiday season. Near the top of that list is his old buddy Jorge Posada.

The two were close as teammates, and now it seems they’re inseparable off the baseball diamond as well.

TMZ saw Jeter and Posada celebrating the new Marlins logo and Jeter’s Ocean Drive magazine cover the weekend before Thanksgiving. An Instagram story posted by Posada’s wife Laura shows that the two former Yankees also spent the holiday together.

If the two families went around the dinner table sharing what they’re thankful for, Jeter must have struggled to come up with just one boon to focus on. The man is part owner and CEO of an MLB team, he’s going to join the Baseball Hall of Fame in 2020, and his supermodel wife is pregnant with their second child.

Jeter can also be thankful that he was able to dump Giancarlo Stanton’s massive contract in the Bronx. That happened at the end of 2017, but it’s worth repeating for at least a few more Thanksgivings.

It’s possible that at one of those future Thanksgiving dinners, Posada will have Jeter to thank for a new job. The former catcher told Newsday’s Roger Rubin that working with the Marlins is something he would consider.

That would mean two living Monument Park legends competing with their old ball club for MLB success. And don’t be surprised if they convince a third, such as Mariano Rivera or Bernie Williams, to join them one day.

It’s completely justified for Yankees fans to feel somewhat betrayed by Jeter and Posada. However, remember the five championships they helped bring to New York, and it should be easy to forgive them.

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