New York Giants wide receiver Odell Beckham Jr. got a box of Wheaties shoes from Kyrie Irving and…tried to eat them.

New York Giants wide receiver Odell Beckham Jr. is best known for his blonde-dyed hair and his ability to make spectacular catches on the field. However, he also likes to have fun, especially via social media.

He has posted videos of himself hitting impressive home runs, taking (extremely) unimpressive jump shots, and hanging out with international soccer superstars, all in the same offseason. However, his new video may be his best yet.

Beckham Jr. got a box of Kyrie Irving’s new shoes, the Kyrie 4 Wheaties shoe. After opening the box, which is designed like a cereal box, he placed them on top of a bowl, poured milk into the bowl, and pretended to eat them.

It isn’t on the same level as Beckham’s famous proposal to the kicking net after scoring a touchdown, but it’s still pretty funny. He includes the reference to the famous Wheaties line, claiming the shoes are the breakfast of champions, and that you “gotta [sic] eat your Wheaties.”

The wide receiver is enjoying the last couple of weeks before training camp starts, when he will be required to report on July 25. While there had been questions about whether he would be there while he waits for a new contract, he addressed those concerns, saying he plans to attend.

The team will be excited to see him there, as he was not fully cleared to participate during the previous portions of the offseason program. Getting him back on the field with Eli Manning and letting him run in new coach Pat Shurmur’s scheme will be important as he tries to bounce back from an injury-plagued year.

Beckham won’t be able to wear his new Wheaties during camp, but if he wants to dominate like he can, he’ll probably eat some before going out on the field.

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