After video surfaced of New York Giants WR Odell Beckham Jr.’s shooting form, it’s clear that he picked the right sport.

New York Giants WR Odell Beckham Jr. might be the best wide receiver in football, but he’s not going to fool anyone into thinking that he has a future in the NBA. His shot is like a cross between Marcus Camby and Lonzo Ball. In other words, not very good.

If Beckham was an NBA player he would probably be a defensive specialist that can slash to the rim. There’s no chance he would be a three-point specialist, that’s for sure. Obviously, OBJ is a world-class athlete, but he should be showing off his athleticism in the gym—not his jumper.

I bounce back like 2-3 wit 4-5???#SlamDunkSaturday

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Beckham reminds me of that kid that played on your JV team in high school and while he wasn’t a bad player, he had the ugliest jumper on the team. Even though he was athletic and could hold his own on the court, he got roasted daily for that ugly jumper.

My advice to OBJ going forward—take the ball to the rim. Get to the hole and use that athleticism because even if that jumper goes in, it doesn’t make it look any prettier.

Fortunately for Beckham, his sport doesn’t require a soft touch from three-point range. As long as he’s still making circus catches and beating defensive backs for touchdowns, Giants fans will overlook his horrendous shooting form.

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