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New Orleans Saints fan throws 65-inch TV off balcony in fit of rage (Video)


Folks, meet Kyle. Samsung, Sony and all other manufacturers of HD televisions, beware of Kyle the New Orleans Saints fan for his fits of rage force him to chuck TVs off balconies.

The definition of rage isn’t complicated, according to Merriam Webster.

  • 1 a : violent and uncontrolled anger / b : a fit of violent wrath / c archaic : insanity
  • 2 : violent action (as of wind or sea)
  • 3 : an intense feeling : passion4 : a fad pursued with intense enthusiasm was all the rage

Now meet Kyle, the recently most famous New Orleans Saints fan thanks to that wonderful yet idiotic invention known as social media.

On Sunday night, the Minnesota Vikings miraculously defeated the New Orleans Saints, 29-24, one of the most improbable touchdowns in NFL playoff history.

With just 10 seconds to go, Case Keenum chucked it up to Stefon Diggs on the corner route with the Saints clearly overplaying the sideline. In fact, they were so attentive to the sideline in the situation that they overplayed it in a way that left a one-on-one situation with Diggs and safety Marcus Williams.

Obviously, you know what happened:

Remember Kyle? Well, Kyle didn’t particularly enjoy the end result to the game. In fact, he disliked it so much that he chucked his beautiful 65-inch HD television off the balcony of his home (video above).

Rage, folks. It’s an incredible thing when actually put to use.

Kyle, @kiledet, even found a way to bloody himself:


Why you’d put videos up on your own Twitter timeline of your fits of rages, I’ll never understand. What? You’re more of a Saints fan because you fly off the handle and/or have your girlfriend video record it while sending to Barstool Sports?

Come on, now. Kyle, along with many diehard sports posers in this world, needs to understand the true diehard usually loses his her mind without broadcasting it to the world like the common-2018 social media clown.

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