New York Jets Preseason Week 3 Predictions
Brad Mills, USATSI

The New York Jets and New York Giants are set to face off in the MetLife Bowl. Here’s what to expect from the Jets point of view.

The third preseason game is always the best because the starters play a majority of the game. It gives you the closest thing to “real football” that the preseason has to offer.

There are still some storylines and other pieces to the puzzle that the New York Jets look to button up in Week 3 of the preseason.

Here’s what to expect:

The First Team Offense Will Look Good

So far in the preseason, the Jets’ first-team offense has been rather quiet. Last week it was due to the time of possession completely being in the Redskins favor. In week one, I’ll blame that on rust.

This isn’t a knock on the Giants’ defense at all as they are much improved. This is more of the Jets’ first team offense having three quarters together as opposed to just one quarter.

I expect Ryan Fitzpatrick to look better as well. Some say he’s been rusty and some say that’s just how he plays, but this week should be the time when he shows signs of 2015 Fitz. I’m also curious to see how Matt Forte will impact the Jets offense.

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Geno Smith Still Has To Earn It

Once Fitz arrived on day one of training camp, Geno Smith was the assumed backup. Due to the emergence of Bryce Petty in the preseason and the lackluster performance Geno had last week, his job may be on the line.

Ultimately, I think the Jets will carry four Quarterbacks in the end. That doesn’t mean that Geno can reel it in and play at half speed. He still has to work for that backup job.

Remember, Smith wasn’t drafted under the Bowles/Mikey Mac era. They don’t owe him a thing.

They would actually be more inclined to favor Bryce Petty and Christian Hackenberg because they are their guys.

That means Geno probably plays the entire fourth quarter, we don’t see Petty, and we definitely do not see Hack. It’s sink or swim time for Geno.

The Secondary Steps Up

It’s no secret that Odell Beckham Jr. is a tough task. The Jets saw it first-hand last year:

Has Darelle Revis taken a step back? Yes. But I don’t think it’s as severe as people are saying it is. He’s still a top corner in the league despite not being at his 2009 level.

It’s not so much him that I’m worried about. Someone has to step up for the number two corner spot.

Will it be Buster Skrine or Marcus Williams?

Personally, I think Skrine is better as the nickel corner, but Williams hasn’t been impressive in the preseason. Whoever performs better in this game should get the nod. We’ll have to see, though.

This is definitely the best preseason game of them all, but watch out for injuries. That’s the one cause for concern: the potential injuries when leaving the starters out there for three quarters.

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