New York Jets Will Be Forced To Carry Four QB's
Troy Taormina, USATSI

Ryan Fitzpatrick has re-signed with the New York Jets, which means the team will need to carry four QB’s on the roster.

Once Adam Schefter reported that the New York Jets had re-signed QB Ryan Fitzpatrick, the team’s QB situation finally solidified for the 2016 season.

It also became clear from Brandon Marhsall’s Instagram, that the veterans were happy that Fitz is the QB.

But exactly does this mean for the Jets moving forward?

Well, they are going to carry four QB’s on their roster, of course.

The issue is that Bryce Petty and Christian Hackenberg are still works in progress, so the Jets will have to keep Geno Smith on the roster as the backup QB.

The Jets don’t have the luxury of putting one of their young QB’s on the practice squad because another team would definitely pick them up.


They’re going to have to bite the bullet and keep all four quarterbacks on the roster. Jets GM Mike Maccagnan was beside himself when Hackenberg fell in their lap on draft day.

It seems as though Maccagnan believes that he is the QB of the future.

The issue that presents itself is that like Hackenberg, Petty isn’t ready to give up the clipboard either.

Both players need more time to sit, watch, and mature under veteran leadership before they see any NFL action.

Geno Smith, who was the starting QB just yesterday, now becomes a babysitter. He will once again assume the position of official pine-rider behind Fitz in 2016.

At this point, the only way Smith will see any playing time is a Fitzpatrick injury. Aside from the fact that the veterans like Fitzpatrick so much, Smith would have to put on absolute show in preseason to win the job.

With no pads and shorts, Geno always seems to light it up. But this production just hasn’t translated to the field.

I fully expect the Jets to keep all four QB’s. Hackenberg and Petty will be holding the clipboard and watching film.

The quarterback position is Fitzpatrick’s to lose at this point. The whole situation must be tough on Smith, but the Jets clearly don’t trust him at the helm. He can serve as a backup one more year as Fitz is the bridge to a young QB of the future.

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