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Kobe Bryant Gives Death Stare To Fan Filming Him At Restaurant

Kobe Bryant was less than thrilled when he noticed a fan filming him and his family at a restaurant. Don’t stare too hard, kid. 

Kobe Bryant was good at a few things over his extensive time playing in the NBA. If there’s one thing he may have mastered even better than the art of the jump shot, it’s the art of intimidation.

I get it, it’s hard not to turn the camera to one of the all time great players of the league, but Kobe is with his family. Out of respect, the right move was to let him be.

Whoever was wielding the camera probably idolized Kobe. It’s hard not to, but dude, you’re at a restaurant. Mind your manners.

That stone cold stare makes you think. Imagine being a rookie on the Los Angeles Lakers and making a costly turnover late in a close game. Are you ready to face that stare in the locker room?

Good luck.

[H/T BroBible, Youtube]

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