NBA Logos Redesigned As Superheroes (Photos) 1
Image Courtesy of Uproxx Sports

Check out this phenomenal collection of all 30 NBA logos imagined and redesigned as superheroes.

By Robby Sabo

Think of somebody with great imagination, and then multiply it by 100.

That’s what you get here.

The good people at Uproxx Sports took it upon themselves to imagine and redesign every one of the 30 NBA logos as superheroes. This means mixing and matching a squad for a known superhero.

Both of our locals, the New York Knicks and Brooklyn Nets, are included in this list.

For our Knickerbockers, the match was an interesting one: The Thing.

The Nets? Well, they got The Black Widow. They are in the unfortunate position of being one of the female characters (if you deem that unfortunate).

Here are a few of them. The rest of the collection can be found here, at Uproxx Sports.

Uptroxx Sports
Uptroxx Sports
Uproxx Sports
Uproxx Sports
Uproxx Sports
Uproxx Sports
Uproxx Sports
Uproxx Sports
Uproxx Sports
Uproxx Sports

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