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Wayne Gretzky Poses With Worst Celebrity Possible

Two pretty talented Canadians ? #Repost @justinbieber “The great one”

A photo posted by Edmonton Oilers (@edmontonoilers) on

Justin Bieber continues to pretend that he actually cares about the NHL. This recent photo with Wayne Gretzky will anger you.

Fake NHL aficionado Justin Bieber continues to parade around acting like he gives a damn about the game.

Just because he’s from Canada doesn’t mean he actually knows anything about hockey. He has previously skated with the Toronto Maple Leafs and recently performed a concert in an Oiler’s jersey.

Dude, pick a team.

I don’t care who gave you a jersey. Hockey fans are some of the most passionate in the world because they support one team, and one team only. Celebrity status does not give you dual fanhood. 

If Bieber likes the NHL so much, maybe he’ll get deported back to Canada. 

Seems like a win-win. 

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