Pittsburgh Pirates Fan Saves Kid’s Face From Getting Hit With Bat (Photo)

Even people in the stands can be heroes as evidenced by this Pittsburgh Pirates fan saving a kid’s face from getting smashed in with a bat.

Oh man, now this was a close one.

Check out the two frames above. This kid, who’s at a baseball game mind-you, was on his phone. He looks up and sees a slugger’s bat coming hot in at his face.

If it hadn’t been for the quick Pittsburgh Pirates fan next to him, that face wouldn’t be feeling too good right about now.

During a Pittsburgh Pirates spring training game Saturday in Kissimmee, Florida, this Pirates fan acted as quick as humanly possible, saving the day for not only the kid, but the poor unfortunate hitter who allowed the bat to almost become the ultimate weapon through the air.

Kudos on one hell of a save.

H/T Twitter

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