For those who didn’t already know 23-year old professional dunker Jordan Kilganon, you certainly do now after Sunday night’s NBA All-Star Game.

If Adam Silver and the NBA ever allowed professional dunkers to participate in the Slam-Dunk Contest on All-Star Saturday night, guys like Zach LaVine and Aaron Gordon would be in trouble.

Ladies and gentlemen, for those who don’t know who Jordan Gilganon is, allow us to introduce him. He’s a 23-year old professional dunker from Canada who’s electrified crowds with his jumping through the gym ability and ridiculously talented dunking skills.

His efforts have inspired such mixtapes such as these:

And now, thanks to this move during a timeout of Sunday night’s NBA All-Star game, the world knows him even better after he performed his famous “Scorpion” dunk with jeans on:

The NBA should have added Jordan Kilganon to the dunk contest last night…?

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