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New York Mets: Noah Syndergaard And The Zombie Apocalypse

New York Mets hurler Noah Syndergaard’s weapon of choice for the nearing zombie apocalypse is probably better than yours. 

The man they call “Thor” won’t be using his hammer when the zombie apocalypse nears. Noah Syndergaard is fine with his fastballs.

It’s a genius weapon of choice if you think about it. What better way to take out zombies than with a weapon that you not only can reuse, but have fun with?

Syndergaard obviously appears to be a fan of The Walking Dead, which resumes Sunday evening. They could sure use him and his heaters, especially with the way the first half of the current season ended.

If Syndergaard is using fastballs, you might wonder what the rest of the New York Mets rotation would choose? Might Matt Harvey go Batman on them, and Jacob DeGrom use his mesmerizing hair as a distraction?

If or when the zombie apocalypse is upon us, I’m following Thor’s lead.

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