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WATCH: Enjoy this epic Pittsburgh port-a-potty brawl

If there was ever a moment to put audio of an old Jim Ross call over video of a fight, it is this one. We even know the exact call: She’s striking anything that by-God moves! Blue Romper has parted the Red Sea! The whole game changed!

What a scene. It is definitely at PNC Park* in Pittsburgh. And it appears to have occurred at Wednesday night’s Morgan Wallen concert. It starts as a garden variety dustup, albeit one that happens to spill into an innocent bystander’s stall. A third woman tries to break it up, as does the guy off to the side, as the uninvolved party manages to escape.

And then BOOM! Blue Romper comes tearing out of another stall off-camera and comes flying in grabbing hair. She gives zero effs about whose hair it is, too. Everyone is coming out of this port-a-potty. She takes pink shirt to the woodshed with fists and a few kicks. And then she wheels back for a savage attack on the attempted peacemaker, capped with a boot to the face. Blue Romper appears to be aligned with White Sweater, who then throws Attempted Peacemaker to the ground as they stand tall like Bradshaw and Faarooq after a bar room brawl match over the Dudley Boys.

Also: Note another uninvolved party trying to sneak past the fracas and into the bathroom. Blue Romper walks in on that woman to retrieve left-behind belongings and then, it seems, the melee starts moving back into the stall as the video cuts out.

We said that backyard wrestling brawl in Rhode Island was the height of American exceptionalism. But we now need to reassess.

* — We caught a few innings of a Pirates game a few weeks ago. The ballpark is as beautiful as everyone says it is. Also: We bought a ticket, parked, got hot dogs, a beer and a mini helmet with ice cream for about as much as it costs to park at Yankee Stadium.

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James Kratch is the managing editor of ESNY. He previously worked as a Rutgers and Giants (and Mike Francesa) beat reporter for NJ Advance Media.