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This guy showed up at Yankees camp on Tuesday.

The man appears to be Mark Kirsch, according to Twitter. He’s the jerk who stole a Juan Soto home run ball from another fan last summer at a Royals game. He’s basically Zack Hample with a bandana, fanny pack and tight shirts.

Anyway, we have a plan to put a stop to these ballpark scourges. It is really simple, too: Congress should pass a law that no one over the age of 14 should be allowed to bring a glove into any stadium in the country. It will not completely sideline ballhawks, but it will go a long way.

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Do you wear your helmet to an NFL game? No. There is absolutely no reason for anyone in high school or older to bring a glove. If you are in an area where a frozen rope might get hit your way, you are almost assuredly behind a net. Your hands will do just fine with everything else. And a glove prohibition will decrease the chances of, say, some dope who thinks he’s Jim Edmonds falling out of the upper deck.

Quick story before we go: I once covered a South Carolina softball game for The Daily Gamecock on Dorm RA Day. I have never seen a crowd less equipped to handle a foul ball. Someone popped one up behind first base and people reacted like the North Koreans had just launched a ballistic missile.

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