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This is real. Not a deepfake!

Look, Shaun O’Hara obviously meant no malice here, comparing Tom Brady’s second retirement to the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks and John F. Kennedy’s assassination. The former Giants center is a good guy who has made a nice second career for himself. The extent of his consequences should be snarky retorts on the internet. Put any person on television and ask them to talk extemporaneously  and they will eventually say something stupid. Barack Obama made a Special Olympics coach as a sitting president on The Tonight Show, for crying out loud.

But come on! Brady is 45-years-old, he just spent a miserable season with the 8-10 Buccaneers playing for Todd Bowles and, most importantly, he has already retired once. It is a big story. It is not an event that will rattled Western Civilization to its core. O’Hara knows better. Co-host Peter Schrager too, although doubling down on the Sept. 11 talk was an interesting way to try to bail his buddy out.

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O’Hara is right about one thing though: I probably will remember where I was when Brady retired given that he helped ruin a “Mike and the Mad Dog” reunion while doing so.

Also: Enough with the single dad storyline. People are acting like something horrible happened to Gisele Bundchen and Brady has to shift his focus. The guy got divorced. He is not a profile in courage here.

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