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Just when you think things can’t get any worse with the Nets and Kyrie Irving, someone finds a way to make that happen.

A joint statement was released from Irving, the Nets, and the Anti-Defamation League on Wednesday night. There were some notable things included, and some notable things not included. Within this statement, Irving said he opposes all forms of hatred and oppression. He also said he takes responsibility for the negative impact his tweet generated.

Both of those are good things to say (that were probably fed to him by a publicist). One thing that was notably absent? A direct apology. Not only for the Twitter post itself but also for his comments in the days that immediately followed that post.

Would it have actually mattered, though? Irving shared that controversial movie on Twitter last Thursday. This joint statement directly addressing his actions didn’t come out until Wednesday evening. During this period when both the Nets and NBA decided to do nothing, Irving defended what he shared, along with endorsing other conspiracy theories.

If someone is sincerely sorry for their actions, it’d take much less time than a full week to show an ounce of remorse. Even if this statement included a groveling apology from Irving, it was already too late. This was something that should’ve been done the day after everything happened. Or, at the very latest, two days after.

It’s just another disappointing series of events from Irving. Especially since the NBA season just started and the Nets have immediately become a mess. They’ve begun the year 2-6, and between poor performance and unnecessary off-the-court distractions, Brooklyn is already switching head coaches.

Outside of typical team goals, Irving also has plenty to play for on a personal level. Instead of getting an extension from the Nets last summer, he opted into his player option and will be a free agent in the offseason. There will be a team willing to take on the distractions for the sake of his basketball ability. But one would imagine situations like this will surely damper his market.

Even if Brooklyn ends up having a successful season with Irving on the floor with Kevin Durant, Ben Simmons, and others, this is another sign the organization needs to move on. But since they’re also not really sorry and continue enabling him, maybe he’ll be back with the Nets next year, too.

It’s disappointing to see Kyrie Irving squander yet another opportunity to apologize. Let’s be real, though, folks. It’s probably better he didn’t because regardless of what that statement said, we already know how he actually feels.

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