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When it rains, it pours.

From WUSA-9 in Washington:

(Washington Commanders fan Drew) Shipley said he won the “50/50” raffle during the team’s Week 1 win against the Jacksonville Jaguars. … Shipley said after more than a month had passed without being paid his prize money, Shipley twice tweeted the team asking for his winnings, then called his ticket representative to ask for the team to make good.


A $14,822 check arrived at Shipley’s home in a FedEx Envelope from the Commanders on Thursday, Oct. 13. Shipley deposited the check with his credit union, and said four days later he was notified it bounced, putting his bank account in the negative and leaving him with a $15 bad check fee.

The Commanders have since wired Shipley the money and blamed the whole thing on “a bank error” in a statement to the television station. And this is low on the list of alleged and confirmed sins by the team. But still. Daniel Snyder’s club has become a parody of an incompetent professional sports franchise. It’s breathtaking how bad they are at everything. It’s a miracle they manage to show up to games dressed every Sunday.

How do you screw up the 50/50? The whole point of the endeavor is money in, money out. The House Oversight Committee probably needs to dig into this matter now. And whenever the time comes for the NFL owners to vote on kicking Snyder out of the league (say it like Mad Dog during the Pacman Jones rant), they need to take this into consideration. If you eff up the 50/50, you probably shouldn’t be part of The Shield.

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