Joe Flacco
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The Jets are rolling the dice with veteran quarterback Joe Flacco in Week 2 against the Browns, according to several reports.

Flacco started in place of Zach Wilson, who’s out until at least Week 4 with a knee injury, for the team’s season-opener against Baltimore last Sunday. However, he managed just one touchdown drive and truly proved his lack of mobility at age-37, which contributed to a disastrous 24-9 loss.

Jets fans won’t be thrilled about this move — there was actually a “Mike White” chant at MetLife Stadium during the Week 1 loss amid Flacco’s struggles. Joe Benigno, the spirit animal for many impatient Jets fans, additionally called for White to play during his weekly spot on WFAN’s “Tiki and Tierney” midday program.

Although Wilson is set to return eventually, this team needs to gain ground in the standings before that occurs. Coming back from 0-3 or 0-4 would be a daunting task for Wilson, and it’s not like he’s proven he can elevate this team towards legitimate contention anyway.

So how long is Flacco’s leash now that the Jets are giving him a second chance?

Short. And I mean incredibly short.

This was supposed to be the year when the Jets took that next step — it’s the second season of the Wilson-Robert Saleh era and general manager Joe Douglas greatly improved the roster in the offseason. But already Wilson is hurt, left tackle Duane Brown is on injured reserve, and the team is 0-1 after Ravens quarterback Lamar Jackson beat the Jets secondary for three touchdown passes.

Saleh is impatient as all hell right now, and showed it with his nonsense remark about how they were keeping “receipts” on those mocking the Jets for starting 0-1 once again. If Flacco doesn’t turn things around, Saleh’s gut could tell him to insert White by halftime.

Not saying White is going to be the savior for a Jets team that’s inferior in talent to Cleveland. But White could at least provide a temporary spark, one the organization is desperate for.

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Ryan Honey is a staff writer and host of the Wide Right Podcast.