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Robert Saleh is taking receipts. And Gregg Giannotti cannot fathom why.

The WFAN morning host took the Jets coach to task for his combative tact with the local media following an ugly season-opening loss to the Ravens. Saleh told reporters he is tracking all those who “mock” his team, and he plans to rub it in their face once the Jets start winning.

“When you’re the head coach and you’re 4-14 and you just got your ass kicked again,” Giannotti said, “when you stand up there and say I’m taking receipts on people who are mocking us, you look like a fool.”

Giannotti said Saleh’s comments “blow my mind” and put a target squarely on the second-year coach’s back.

“Why is he even paying attention?” Giannotti said. “I don’t want my head coach to be caring what anybody says. I’m sorry. As much as I love Joe Benigno and Rich Cimini and everyone who covers the team and all the Jets fans that are out there, Evan (Roberts) and [Brandon Tierney] and whoever the hell else, Ira from Staten Island, Fireman Ed and everybody else who supports this team.

“I respect all those guys. But I don’t want my head coach paying attention to anything they are saying. Not only is he paying attention to what they are saying, and that’s pissing him off, but he’s now taking receipts so he can go back if the team is ever good and do what? What is you revenge? ‘Oh, hey, when we were terrible you guys said we were terrible and now we’re not? So ha, ha, ha?’ What is even the revenge? What is the receipt he is even writing down? … When you’re Rob Saleh, you can’t say something like you said yesterday.”

Giannotti added: “Nobody was really making fun of the Jets or mocking the Jets going into the season. It was the contrary. It was, ‘great offseason, look at what they did in the draft, free agency, time to make it happen, exciting young team, bet the over 5.5,’ that’s what people were talking about. The Jets were a big underdog pick against the Ravens in Week. But you went out and pooped the bed again, and that’s why people are getting on you.

“So how do you not understand – whether you’ve been in New York your entire life, you’ve been in football, you were there with the 49ers, which is an all-time franchise in the NFL. How do you not understand at this point of your career that if you don’t win, and you get your ass kicked, people are going to be all over you? How do you not figure that out? And now all of a sudden he’s going to have everyone turn on him.

“I couldn’t remember a single person who was mocking Rob Saleh coming into this season. If anything, we were giving him a pass for last year’s 4-13 season.”

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