A creative workout tool that was originally designed to train firefighters has become the new must-have at-home fitness product.

I recently visited with Sarah Apgar, an Iraq War Veteran, All-American Athlete, Fitness Professional, Volunteer Firefighter, mom of two little girls, and all-around superhuman. Sarah is the founder of FitFighter, a series of fitness products based on the training needs of firefighters. The product titled “The Steelhose” was designed to emulate a “charged” fire hose which is a hose that is full of water.

As a volunteer firefighter in Long Island, NY, Sarah saw a need for her department to train specific muscles and movements that firefighters experience during a live fire.

“I realized quickly that as a team we struggled with all of the rigors and demands of the fire ground. We were learning for the first time how to conduct these heavily weight-loaded movements.”

After months of trial and error, The Steelhose was born. It’s so simple, but that’s why it’s genius: Pieces of fire hose filled with steel and stitched with resistance grommets. Different weights and lengths allow for incredible versatility and durability.

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We could not be more thrilled to announce our brand collaboration and production partnership with @sorinex this weekend! Thank you for becoming a part of our story…. Our Home Gym Set with 10,15,20 LB hoses is now available on Sorinex.com and our complete product line 5-40 LBs with 35 and 40 with end handles available on FitFighter.com. ———- From Sorinex: American companies supporting fellow American companies. We are proud to collaborate and support Veteran, Firefighter, and Creator of the FitFighter Steelhose @fitfightertraining, Sarah Apgar. Sarah is an American Small Business owner who designed this strength and conditioning system to meet the demanding requirements of the firefighting profession which includes the FDNY Fire Training Academy and the San Diego Fire-Rescue Academy. – A Steelhose is 5 tools in 1, with all the functions of a dumbbell, kettlebell, medicine ball, sandbag, and sledge in a single versatile tool for your gym, team, and home. Now, this system is available to the public to meet your everyday demands. FitFighter partners and Pro Coached include @risemovement @devinwiggins @alyssashoji @ambergoppert @carriearmacost @jhorton11 – FitFighter Steelhose: @fitfighterpro ✖️ Fire Hose filled w/ Steel Shot ✖️ Available in 10, 15, 20 LB increments on Sorinex.com. ✖️ 5-40 LB product line on FitFighter.com ✖️ Made in the USA ✖️ Brass grommets compatible w/carabiners – Training Resources: ✖️ Free iOS Mobile Training App ✖️ Train with the Pros, Daily Live Workouts – *A portion of sales benefit the Stephen Siller Tunnel to Tower Foundation, supporting wounded warriors, fallen first responders, and their families. – 🔗 Link in bio. | Available at www.Sorinex.com and FitFighter.com

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Sarah created a five-circuit training program for her department and soon after, the FDNY took notice. In order to bring this concept to other departments, FitFighter created a full program of tools and training. Now, FitFighter is inspiring the whole fitness and wellness community through its positive message and products.

During these challenging past few months, the simplicity and efficiency of FitFighter has been incredibly valuable for the at-home workout world. Users can find helpful workouts on their iOS app complete with live coached workout sessions. They also launched a Home Gym Set partnership with Sorinex with plans to partner with gyms and fitness centers across the country.

I was lucky enough to spend some time with Sarah and not only did I get a great workout, but I left inspired by her story, vision, and passion.

Check out more at The FitFighter Homepage and their workout platform FitFighterLive.com.